fire trucks xmas

Christmas 2021

This years holiday activities were almost back to normal. Mike didn't have his annual Christmas Eve bash, but the kids came over Christmas day. Jess's family invited us over for Christmas eve dinner. We served our annual prime rib with all the fixins. Marisa and the granddaughters came down thursday to celebrate Christmas ( they were sick just before the holiday.

Pre Christmas

Jan's brother Bill and his 2 daughters came down to visit. We all gathared at Mike's house . The kids all got together down in Palm Springs.

Christmas Eve

We usually go to Mike's house for Christmas Eve but with Covid it was canceled again.we were suppose to have Marisa and our granddaughters over, but they got sick so Jess invited us over for christmas Eve dinner and Home Alone 2.

Christmas Day

Everyone came over Christmas Day. We had our traditional prime rib with all the fixins. Nicolas sat at the kid table with Cameron and Gavin. Afterward we opened gifts and played games.

Christmas W/ Marisa and the Kids

The grandkids were sick on Christmas Eve so we celebrated once the rain let up. We opened gifts, played XBox, and ate a bunch of Mexican food.

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