fire trucks xmas

Christmas 2020

This years holidays were definitely different than most years. There was no Christmas Eve party at Mikes. Jan & I did all of our shopping on line. Jess and family came over Christmas Eve day to open presents (at a safe distance) and we talked to everyone else on Christmas. We still had our traditional prime rib for dinner, but it was also quieter with only Dan, Jan and I.

Pre Christmas

Jan made her usual cookies and the neighbors still brought over tamales. we went out to look at Christmas lights and ended up following a bunch of brightly adorned fire trucks around Beaumont neighborhoods. We just put on our flashers and waved a lot.

Christmas Eve

We usually go to Mike's house for Christmas Eve which of course was canceled this year. Since Jess and the family were going to Big Bear for Christmas, they came over Christmas Eve Day to celebrate and open gifts. We all wore masks and stayed apart.

Remote Christmas

With the threat of covid All of our families stayed apart for Christmas. We all talked and video chatted. Jess, Phil and the boys headed for Big Bear for Christmas. Marisa, Alice, and Abbey stayed close to home. Liz, Paul, and Nicholas changed plans to come over and stayed home. Still up in San Francisco Matt & Nili called to chat and wish us a Merry Christmas.

Christmas at Home

With everyone staying away we had a quiet Christmas. We still had our traditional prime rib (only 6.5 lbs) and all the fixins. Since Dan still works at UPS and lives with us, we all still wear masks and stay apart. Spent the rest of the day watching football and basketball.


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