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Dave Trip 2021

Took an extended weekend trip up to brother Dave's in Mokelumne Hill. I had a great time hanging out with Dave and the kids. We ate out a lot, watched the 49ers and Rams games, took some hikes and enjoyed the cooler weather.

Family Pics

We went out for Mexican food on the first night and Japanese the last night. Spent Sunday watching football/l and having brunch at Mel's. While the kids were in school on Monday, Dave took me to the Mokelumne River for a hike. We also walked around Jackson, Amador City and Sutter Creek, spending some time at a church surrounded by a graveyard.famil pic banner

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Mokelumne River Hike

We did a short hike down the river following the shore. It was a lot of scrambling (no trail) .Mokelumne River

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Immaculate Conception Church

This church in Sutter Creek was surrounded by graves with some really old headstones. Imaculate conception church - Sutter Creek

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Pet Pics

Dave has 4 dogs and a parrot. 3 of the dogs-Alvin, Artie, and Winston are old and don't move around much. Of course Churchill the 4th dog, is still a puppy (sheepdog with short haircut) jumping everywhere trying to get everyone to play with him. Jovi the parrot seemed a little more agitated than usual, probably from Churchill barking and running around so much. At first Churchill didn't want anything to do with me. After a few hours of being around the other dogs, he decided I was okay wouldn't leave me alone .Daves dogs and parrot

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Misc. Landscapes & Town Pics

Dave has a bunch of land with tons of trees, deer, bushes and rattlesnakes. We killed some time waiting for the kids school to get out by walking around Jackson, Amador City, and Sutter Creek. North Ca Misc Pics

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